The Life


Who is Jeury San? Jeury San

is “Emotions Untitled”, “Shoegazing on Amsterdam”.

He is “Undefeated Fly”, and “Stuck in the Grunge”.

Jeury San’s heart and soul is the embodiment of his past, present, and future works of art. If you took the time to listen to his soul, you would know that this Bronx, New York native is a man with the skills and drive to reach the apex of whatever form of art he chooses to participate in. Whether it be his uncontestable lyrical prowess and ability to create emotionally stimulating music or his unique vision when handling a camera, he is able to able to give you a clear vision of the world through the windows of his soul.

In order to better brand his vision of art; Jeury San started the “movement” U 1st and Forever, aka, U1AF. His first project under, the ideal, U1AF was “Emotions Untitled”. Released September 27th, 2011, the unsung classic “Emotions Untitled” contained crowd moving and thought provoking singles, such as the very popular “Maria Sharapova” and “Washing”. Moving onto February 23rd, 2012, Jeury San proves why he deserves the title so frivolously flung around by others; Artist, and releases “ShoeGazing on Amsterdam”. The first single from this EP, “Run Away” has gotten the recording artist great notoriety for the musical and creative risks he’s always willing to take. The most recent mixtape “Undefeated Fly”, hosted by DJ Tech of the Alumni Music Group, is Jeury San’s, own unique take on the recently popular “trap” music. With singles “Hot Boy” and “Any Point” the mixtape has been well received and further solidifies Jeury San’s position among the greats. Jeury San and his management are set to release more projects this year… new music, new videos and tons more.


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